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Juvenile Correctional Centers (JCCs)

Juvenile Correctional Centers (JCCs) are secure facilities operated by, or under contract with, DJJ where 24-hour a day care is provided to juveniles committed to DJJ after they are processed by the Central Admission and Placement (CAP) unit. Services provided during this period include supervision, education, treatment services, recreational services, and a variety of special programs. DJJ operates two JCCs in the Bon Air area of Richmond and at Beaumont in Goochland County.

Secure Detention Facilities

Detention facilities (also called homes or centers) are community-based, residential facilities that provide temporary care for delinquents and alleged delinquents requiring secure custody pending court disposition or placement, or who are placed in the facility by the court as a sanction once found guilty of an offense. These are operated by the local jurisdiction, not DJJ; however, DJJ is the regulatory agency that ensures the facilities are being operated within state guidelines. While detention is meant to be a short-term predispositional placement, detainees participate in structured programs including school, recreational activities and, in some facilities, limited therapeutic activities. Detained youth also receive medical and mental health screening and services, voluntarily participate in religious activities and may have structured visits with parents or guardians. Detention is not intended to provide treatment or change a child's life. It is to ensure that youth are present for court, without harming themselves or others while awaiting a court date. Check the Secure Detention page for more information, and a list of detention centers in Virginia.

Alternative Placements

The Department contracts with private providers to obtain individualized residential services for youth with specialized needs. The alternative placements include residential treatment centers and psychiatric facilities that focus on the mental health needs of the offenders. These offenders' needs cannot be adequately addressed in a correctional setting due to psychiatric diagnoses and significant behavioral disorders. Services also include transitional placements for sex offenders.