DJJ Mission

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Mission Statement

The Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice protects the public by preparing court-involved youth to be successful citizens.

Values Statement


We stay on the cutting edge of effective juvenile justice by keeping abreast of facts, information, data and best practices as they become available. To achieve the agency’s mission, we apply this knowledge with competence according to laws, regulations, policies and procedures. The youth, families and communities we work with are our first priority.


As representatives and ambassadors of DJJ, we always adhere to our standards of conduct by behaving responsibly, appropriately, and with discipline.


We treat everyone equitably and impartially, recognizing the diversity of individuals and their viewpoints. We are aware of body language, tone and words during our conversations. We acknowledge the issues of others and always strive for a clear solution. The “Golden Rule” is standard operating procedure: Treat others the way you wish to be treated.


We are honest, truthful and non-judgmental in all our professional interactions. We follow policy and procedures and accept responsibility for our actions. Our decisions are ethical and always honor confidentiality.


We are fully committed to fulfilling the agency’s mission. We serve as ambassadors of the agency, representing it with loyalty, enthusiasm, and perseverance. We can see the “big picture,” and routinely make personal sacrifices for the good of the agency. We play as a team.

Effective Communication

We are good listeners. When we communicate with our clients, courts, customers and colleagues, we do so clearly and concisely in a timely manner. Our communications are respectful, accurate, constructive, candid and relevant, offering well-considered solutions.

Vision Statement

The Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice is committed to excellence in public safety by providing effective interventions that improve the lives of youth, strengthening both families and communities within the Commonwealth.