Visitation policy

DJJ is committed to fostering consistent communication and contact between residents and their families and natural supports. This relationship is vital to assist residents in maintaining strong family and community ties during their commitment and enhancing successful re-entry efforts upon release. Click here to read “DJJ Visitation Rules and Privileges.”

All DJJ residents are afforded visitation privileges, subject to any orders of the court and Departmental procedure and programming. Visitation rules are necessary to maintain the safety of residents and visitors and to maintain the security of the facility. Except where there are safety or security concerns, residents may have informal communication and physical contact with visitors. Departmental procedures provide for visitation by pre-approved family members and natural supports. Vehicles must be secured (closed windows and locked doors, or inhabited) in the parking lot. Personal items must be secured in the vehicle, as no personal items of any kind can come in to the facility. Vehicle keys and identification must be surrendered at the door. All visitors are subject to search of their person to ensure that contraband does not enter the facility. All visitors 13 years of age and older must have picture identification and be on a pre-approved visitor list. Visitors are expected to refrain from wearing suggestive or offensive clothing.

Visitors who refuse to cooperate with facility procedures or directives or who violate them, who attempt to circumvent the safety and security of the facility and its inhabitants are subject to immediate and/or extended/permanent loss of visiting privileges. Visitors who violate the law are reported to Virginia State Police for prosecution.

  • Vehicle keys and picture identification must be surrendered to be checked in for visitation. These items are returned when visitors leave the facility.
  • All visitors are subject to physical search at the check-in area of the Administration Building.
  • Only family members and natural supports who are on the approved visitor list may enter the facility and visit with the resident.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult family member.
  • Extended family members and persons providing transportation to the facility may not visit without the prior approval of the facility Superintendent or designee.
  • Visitors shall not leave children under the age of 18, individuals with limited mental capacity, or animals unattended in their vehicles during visitation.
  • Special arrangements are made for residents who are under observation in the medical department or serving disciplinary segregation time during the visitation period.
  • Visitors may not give any item to the resident.
  • Once visitors leave the visitation area, they are not permitted to return.
  • To read DJJ’s full Facility Visitation Procedure, click here

Please click on the appropriate link below for details on each facility’s visitation hours and location.