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The Department of Juvenile Justice's Legislative and Research Section provides assistance with grant projects to Departmental units as well as locally operated programs affiliated with the Department. Grant assistance is provided through:

  • Reviewing and approving project concepts that will be operated by the Department and proposals that will be sponsored by the Department;
  • Coordinating the grant management process when the Department successfully obtains grant funding for a project; and
  • Working with program managers to monitor grant activities.

The Department of Juvenile Justice does not provide any grant funding. If you are seeking grant funding, the websites listed below offer more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grants

If you are seeking local sponsorship, the Grant Administrator will be the county administrator or city manager responsible for grants; the Grants Coordinator is Jared Miller, Sr. Research Analyst

If you are seeking DJJ sponsorship, the Grant Administrator is the DJJ Director; the Grants Coordinator is Jared Miller, Sr. Research Analyst; the Finance Officer is T.R. Darden, Accounting Manager

The Concept Approval form will need to be completed for any grant for which you are applying. The rest of the forms (Grant Application, Itemized Budget, Project Workplan, Project Evaluation Plan, Quarterly Progress Report , Evaluation Plan Report, Workplan Status and Budget Amendment Request ) are forms specifically related to grants funded by DCJS. A grant funded by an entity other than DCJS will most likely have different reporting procedures and they should provide the reporting forms.

If you are seeking DJJ sponsorship for the grant, you will need to submit those forms to DJJ (as outlined in the Grants Manual) to get approval from the Grant Administrator. If you are only seeking local sponsorship, you will need to send the grant application to your regional operations manager for review. The format of the grant application, budget, etc will be dictated by the funding source.

In most instances, the grant solicitation will outline how much of the funding the applicant will have to match. If you are applying for DJJ sponsorship, the match will have to be approved through the appropriate chain of command (i.e., the appropriate Deputy Director will have to approve). There would not be a cap on the match; you would just need approval for the match. If you are seeking local sponsorship, you will have to follow the processes outlined by the locality to secure a match in funding.

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Jessica Schneider
Research Supervisor
(804) 588-3919


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Concept Approval Form
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Grant Application Face Sheet
Itemized Budget
Program Work Plan
Program Evaluation Plan
Quarterly Progress Report
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