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October 5, 2017 Residential Unit: It’s Time To Circle Up!
September 6, 2017 Stoking The Flame Of Learning
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February 9, 2017 5 Goals = 1 Result: Quality In The Classroom

Other DJJ News

August 21, 2017 – Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center Psychologist Sasha Baier provided some residents a rare opportunity on the occasion of Monday's solar eclipse to view it and talk about it as it was happening. Baier went online with the residents to look for methods for viewing the eclipse. They decided to make a solar eclipse viewing box, an idea that Galileo originated when he was proving that the sun rotated by observing the motion of sunspots by images projected onto paper through a pinhole. Baier and the residents created a pinhole projector and took it outside where the image of the eclipse was projected onto a sheet of white paper inside the box. They were also able to compare the image from the box with an image that was being shown online in Richmond. Residents were thrilled to be a part of what for some could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and for a moment to view the world in a different way.

Eclipse 1
Eclipse 2

August 18, 2017 – Family and friends gathered Aug. 18 at the Virginia Public Safety Training Center (VPSTC) to congratulate the newest class of 22 Resident Specialist Is, who received their certificates of completion after an intensive eight-week course. Keynote speaker Phillip Lynch, a residential counselor at Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center, and DJJ Director Andy Block provided some inspiring words for the graduates.

Class photo
Andy Block speaking
Keynote speaker
Graduate waving
Block congratulates graduate
Bridge welcomes graduates

July 21, 2017 – For the fourth consecutive year, DJJ’s Education Unit partnered with VCU Athletics to bring a rigorous basketball camp to residents at Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center. Education staff collaborated with Bon Air community managers and coordinators to offer the three-hour camp to those in each unit who wanted to attend and had exhibited the highest levels of positive behavior. Students not only improved their court skills, but most importantly, engaged with the outstanding VCU coach mentors Brandon Rozzell and Lamonte Theus. Rozzell is a former VCU Ram basketball standout and 2011 VCU Department of Social Work graduate. Theus is assistant basketball coach at Lee Davis High School in Hanover County. The students participated in warmup exercises, practiced specific skills with drill work, and ended each session with a short game. The VCU mentors emphasized cooperation and sportsmanship in all they did. They spent time talking with the students, encouraging them in their on and off the court endeavors. The collaborative, departmental efforts made this a most successful event for our residents.

Former VCU player Brandon Rozzell works with residents on ball handling skills.

Former VCU player Brandon Rozzell works with residents on ball handling skills.

Lamonte Theus attempts a dunk during warmup exercises.

Lamonte Theus attempts a dunk during warmup exercises.

January 25, 2017 – DJJ Director Andy Block recently was a guest on Reston Comcast Channel 28’s “Virginia Report” television program hosted by Del. Ken Plum of Virginia’s 36th District. Director Block appeared along with Dan Edwards, president of Evidence Based Associates (EBA), to talk with Del. Plum about the continuum of services DJJ is building for youth throughout the Commonwealth. EBA is one of two service coordination agencies that are helping DJJ ensure that youths get the services they need, regardless of where they might live.

Click HERE to see interview.