Community-Based Services & Funding

Beth Stinnett, Statewide Program Manager, and a team of program specialists, manage and monitor a statewide system of community-based residential and non-residential programs through contracts, formula grants, and MOAs. Requests for Proposals and Invitations for Bids are developed and published as needed to ensure a continuum of evidence-based services and programming, The unit oversees more than $14 million in community-based funding for services and manages vendor relations and contracts across behavioral health, substance abuse and sex offender counseling, detention alternatives, surveillance and more. Funding sources include Transitional Services (“294” funding). The unit also administers and monitors funds appropriated through the Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act (VJCCCA).

Information for Providers and Potential Providers About Centrally Managed Funding for Services and Doing Business With the State

Our agency frequently receives inquiries from agencies interested in doing business with the state and about funding sources for services for juvenile involved in the juvenile justice system. More specifically we receive a high volume of inquiries about becoming or having company names added to an “approved provider” list. Please know that our list of approved providers is not an open list, but rather represents companies that participated in competitive procurement processes and were awarded contracts with our agency. Our agency sometimes issues Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Invitations for Bid (IFBs) for centrally managed state funding streams. All solicitations are posted to Electronic Virginia (eVA) and it is incumbent upon potential providers to register with eVA and actively monitor for new solicitations. Additionally, please be aware that beginning in January 2017 the Department of Juvenile Justice is changing the way that we do business. In October 2016 our agency awarded contracts to two lead service coordinator agencies, AMIkids ( and Evidence-Based Associates ( to serve as regional Service Coordinators. The Service Coordinator agencies will select and award sub-contracts to direct service provider companies of their choosing. On November 18, 2016, AMIkids and EBA issued a joint Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from which they will select their initial group of direct service providers. RFQ responses are due on or before December 7. Click here for a copy of the RFQ.

In addition to centrally managed state funds, Virginia Community Crime Control Act (VJCCCA) funds are local funds and potential providers learn about any solicitation associated with those funds by communicating directly with the 133 units of local government.

Any additional questions about business opportunities should be directed to our Procurement Unit.

Contact Info

Beth Mohler Stinnett
Program Manager
(804) 371-0700

Lesley Hull
Central Region Program Specialist
(804) 221-1036

Patrice Gates
Eastern Region Program Specialist

Katherine Farmer
Northern Region Program Specialist
(804) 291-7083

Stephanie Green
Southern Region Program Specialist
(804) 371-0700

Angela Hiatt
Western Region Program Specialist
(804) 229-8386