DJJ Holds First-Ever Probation Conference

Discussing book with attendee
Aurora Higgs
Patrick Slifka talking to group

The first-ever DJJ Probation Conference was held at the Virginia Public Safety Training Center in Hanover. The conference theme was “What’s In Your Playbook?” The conference provided probation officers, probation supervisors, and directors training opportunities on interventions and skills delivered to youth and families. Speakers included Dr. Brian Lovins, Dr. Gina Vincent, Dr. Naomi Goldstein, Patrick Slifka, Leonard Hopkins, Aurora Higgs, and Scott Ward who provided information on topics such as coaching, motivational interviewing, assessments, RNR, and resiliency. Conference participants also had some fun with the sports theme, posting on the conference Facebook page, giveaways, team building, and networking.

Leonard Hopkins
Kim Keller welcome
YDr. Brian Lovins