detention reentry Program

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The Detention Reentry Program prepares juveniles for progressively increased responsibility and freedom, helping to bridge services between direct care placement and the community.

Some juvenile detention centers (JDCs) allow DJJ to use existing bed space in their facilities by providing detention reentry programs for juveniles in direct care, allowing them to begin transitioning back to their communities 30 to 120 days before their scheduled release date. Similar to the Community Placement Program, the programs encourage increased visitation with families and allow residents and families to begin parole planning with their assigned parole officers.

The following JDCs operate detention reentry programs:

  • Blue Ridge (up to age 21)
  • Crater (ages 16-19)
  • James River
  • Merrimac (up to age 21)
  • Norfolk (up to age 20)
  • Rappahannock (up to age 21)
  • Richmond (up to age 19)
  • Shenandoah (up to age 20)
  • Virginia Beach (up to age 21)