Victim rights

DJJ’s Victim Liaison helps ensure victims of juvenile offenders are properly notified upon the release of a serious offender. Juvenile records, including disposition, probation, and personal data, are kept strictly confidential; however, state law does allow for certain notifications of release to victims (see below). The DJJ Victim Liaison can assist you in navigating the process for notification.

If you are the victim of a juvenile offender and would like to receive notification of release, please e-mail the DJJ Victim Liaison at:

The liaison will assist you with your request.

The DJJ Victim Liaison helps:

  • Ensure victims are notified of release of any juvenile serious offender according to § 66-25.2 of the Code of Virginia
  • Provide victims and witnesses with general information about the court process
  • Provide information on community and statewide resources for victims and witnesses

If you have a general records request, please visit:

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Applicable Laws

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List of Victim Resources

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Rights and Accountability ensures that staff and residents’ rights are protected while at the same time striving to modify poor behavior through accountability measures. The team is staffed by Human Rights Coordinators, who operate independently from the juvenile correctional center to provide youth with an outlet for addressing concerns.

  • The Resident Grievance Program at Bon Air JCC helps identify and solve problems that may potentially harm or impede rehabilitative efforts. If there is an allegation of DJJ staff wrongdoing, the Rights and Accountability Team works with Human Resources and the Investigative Unit to make fair recommendations to management that address the staff’s behavior.
  • The OMBUDS Program,(Spanish version) allows youth and their families, staff members, professionals, and the general public to ask questions or express concerns about conditions of confinement. While the first point of contact should be the correctional center where the youth is housed, the Ombuds Line is available as an alternative at (804) 323-0888 or (833) 941-1370 (toll free).